Benefits of Data Storage Services

  • Hardware RAID prevents data loss due to disk failure
  • Redundancy of all SAN components
  • Automated monitoring and fault notification, together with 24x7 onsite vendor support, insure that in practical terms your storage is always available
  • Service structure and rates provide for the regular replacement of storage hardware (your data is safely stored on a supported hardware environment)


  • Capacity allocations range from 35 GB up to multiple terabytes (TB) per host
  • Connection of new servers is normally completed within five business days after an order is processed
  • Capacity expansions for existing hosts are often performed the same day (please note that individual requests for 1 TB or more of new or expansion storage capacity may require significantly longer lead times)


  • Advanced enterprise array technology, with large amounts of cache and a variety of disk configurations
  • Performance optimization for differing application requirements
  • To help meet your individual needs, we offer four performance tiers: High, Standard, Economy and Low