Our Team

Matthew Almeida - Data Center Technician

Matthew is a Bay Area native who has been with UCSF for the past three years. Matthew manages the IT Assets and Infrastructure of the MCB Data Center. Responsible for logistics coordination, he serves as an interface across multiple IT groups and departments while assisting with project implementation. Matthew is an outdoor enthusiast, avid Soccer fan, and spoiler of his nieces and nephew.


Kevin Barney - Deputy Director, Data Center Operations

Kevin has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of data center operation and facility management. He has managed numerous efforts to optimize operational and facility efficiency including consolidations, relocations and construction of new data centers. Kevin has a unique perspective of optimum design driven by actual use due to his background in practical data center management and a solid foundation in data center program development and IT service management. During his 15 years at UC he was responsible for the delivery of two general-purpose campus data centers at UC Berkeley and UCSF. The UCSF facility is the one now offering Data Center Services to the entire campus community.


Mark Bering - Communications and Support Coordinator

Mark started at UCSF in February 1992, and joined the mail@UCSF team in February 2004 after working at the ITS Customer Support Center for nearly four years. As the dedicated Exchange Support Coordinator, Mark’s primary responsibility has focused on customer support issues directly related to the Exchange email system. Mark’s main interest is in making technology accessible, which is evident in the popularity of the mail@UCSF web content. Mark also supports the UCSF listserv service.


Emily Davis - Email Administrator

Emily joined the UCSF Exchange team in April 2013. With nearly a decade of IT experience, her areas of expertise include Exchange, Active Directory and Virtualization. Emily likes to tackle technical problems with a handcrafted PowerShell script in one hand a handcrafted latte in the other. Most days you will find her engaged in the battle against SPAM and Phishing attempts. In her spare time she likes to compose Haikus in 0's and 1's.


Mark Day - Deputy Director, Data Center Infrastructure

Mark has been a member of the UCSF IT community for over 20 years, and has been a familiar face on a number of IT Governance committees. Prior to becoming Deputy Director, he worked with the Department of Radiology where he helped develop a research computing infrastructure and was responsible for the architecture of the Clinical PACS (the system that distributes radiological images throughout the UCSF enterprise). His technical interests lie in the areas of virtual computing, storage and cloud computing.


Carey Fugate - Data Center Technician

Carey has been with UCSF for over 12 years. His area of expertise focuses on Data Center Support.  Previous positions include four years with the Air Force and eight years with Pacific Bell Directory for eight. Carey interests lie in the area of task automation.


Kraig Kluba - Manager, Virtual Hosting, Email and Active Directory

Kraig has as been working at UCSF for the past 16 years. He provides expertise in vSphere, Exchange, Active Directory, Unified Messaging, Lync and Windows. Kraig enjoys other technologies as well, including scripting, domain migrations, Office 365, Puppet, OpenStack and cloud orchestration. Previously, Kraig held positions with Petopia.com and NetAcumen.


Kwong Law - Email Administrator

Kwong started at UCSF as a departmental CSC in 2002 and transferred to ITS in 2004. Since then, Kwong has been working with various systems including Windows servers, VMware and Exchange email. Kwong’s passions include exploring software and hardware technologies in an effort to further the UCSF Mission.


Vincent Ma - System Administrator

Vincent joined the UCSF ITS unit in 2005 managing Exchange and Active Directory servers. His role has expanded to maintaining Windows and Linux servers, as well as the virtual infrastructure for the Academic Research Systems team. Vincent’s technologies of interest include virtualization, email servers, directory services and security.


Scott Matsubayashi - System Administrator

Scott started his IT career at UCSF in 1996. After leaving for several years to work as a contractor in different industries including internet startups, airline call centers, banks, medical centers and government, he came back in 2002 and has been since been supporting the School of Medicine and now the campus in numerous capacities. Today he continues to support infrastructure systems, and collaborates with developers to architect new services and applications. When not working a keyboard and mouse, he can often be found running trails in the East Bay hills or exploring the wide-open analog world.


Alex Robinson - Email Administrator

Alex came to UCSF as a consultant in 1994 and began working for the Facilities Management department as a field services technician, later evolving into an Active Directory administrator and a do-it-all departmental system administrator. Alex and Kraig Kluba built the Microsoft Exchange system for CPFM that quickly grew to be the largest email implementation for the VCAF division. In 2001 Alex moved with that same Exchange email system to ITS as it was expanded as an Enterprise-wide service. When Alex is not supporting email related systems he can be seen riding his Triumph Bonneville or kayaking on the American River.


Walter Sevillano - System Administrator

Walter has been working at UCSF for the past 15 years. He currently holds the position of Systems Administrator specializing in Windows, Linux and virtual hosting. Walter also works on Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange tasks. In his free time Walter enjoys spending time with his family.


Daniel Sotto - System Administrator

Dan administers the VMware virtual environment, and provides expertise in the areas of data center switching and firewall policy enforcement. The first 13 of his 17 years at UCSF were at San Francisco General Hospital as a network and security engineer. Currently he also manages backend SQL database and Windows AD server infrastructure, and performs day-to-day systems administration duties such as direct customer assistance and silently migrating data across SANs. Aside from multitasking, Dan enjoys pulling redundant shots of espresso.


Jeff Tan - System Administrator

Jeff started as a LAN Administrator for ITS and later joined the Campus ITS Unix enterprise group. He is currently with the Campus Virtual Hosting department where he does system administration. Before joining UCSF, Jeff worked for West Group where he was the network administrator for branches in the Western regions of the United States. Jeff has expertise in networking, virtualization technologies, Linux and Windows operating systems. He supports a number of UCSF applications including IDMS, Redcap, SGD, IDR, and Shrine.


Jeff Uchi - Systems Architect

Prior to joining UCSF, Jeff worked at E-loan for 9 years building and designing corporate office IT solutions using technologies that include MS Active Directory, SQL Server, and Exchange. He  was also responsible for disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. His areas of expertise at UCSF include virtualization, SAN and NAS storage solutions, load balancing, backup and recovery, monitoring and auditing. Jeff enjoys designing, and building virtualized IT solutions including database servers, application servers, and web farms.


Rolinda Wang - Backup Administrator

Rolinda was ISU’s second employee, and part of the original team tasked with providing shared file services and a consolidated email system to the School of Medicine during the initial foray into providing enterprise solutions to the school. More recently Rolinda has worked with enterprise backup solutions (servers, endpoint devices and enterprise level shared file storage). She also engages directly with customers to gather business requirements and present data center options tailored to fit their needs. Rolinda likes to commute by bicycle as often as possible and blows off steam by racing bike messengers on her way home.